What is Stott Pilates?

The Stott Pilates method has exercises designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles around the joints. It is an innovative and safe system of mind-body exercise using a variety of equipment as well as your own body weight to create a challenging, low impact, total body workout. Exercises are designed to strengthen your core, re-balance your muscles and re-train your movement patterns while correcting you into a proper postural alignment for your body. Classes focus on a balanced workout with correct form to create strength, stability, flexibility, endurance and elongation of your muscles. Regardless of age or fitness level and whether your focus is to move without pain, enjoy a balanced fun workout, or to challenge your fitness abilities, we have classes for you!


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Getting Started

If you have previous experience in Pilates but you are new to Core Centric, contact us so we can determine the best way to get you started. We’d love to hear from you!


New to Pilates? Private Sessions are the ideal way to start your Pilates training! Our studio requires you to take 3 private or 5 semi-private personalized sessions so we can get to know you and access your physical health, postural alignment and mind-body awareness. In your 3- private classes/3- group classes Introductory Offer you will learn the 5 basic Pilates principles and how to integrate them into the Pilates syllabus. Our goal is for you to develop an awareness of your body, its patterns and how to isolate and focus your movement to bring balance and control to your workout.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Make yourself a priority! Working one-on-one with a qualified instructor is the best way to meet your specific goals, needs and abilities. Whether you are new to Pilates, have been practising for years, recovering from an injury or a professional athlete looking to improve your performance, our instructors will use our fully equipped studio to find the most optimal way to customize your workout.

Semi-Private Sessions

Share your goals - share your workouts! Semi-privates are a great opportunity to have a customized workout with a friend or partner!

Private Group Sessions

Life is busy! What better way to get together with your friends and those you care about than creating a weekly date to sweat together! In your private group sessions your qualified instructor will make use of our fully equipped studio to put you through a challenging workout that will leave you wanting more!


*Groups must be at similar fitness levels with a familiarity of Pilates and the use of all equipment.

Group Classes

Pilates Full Equipment Classes

Most classes will focus on the reformer syllabus but depending on your class level your instructor may choose to focus on different pieces of equipment to help you incorporate and challenge your Pilates principles. This will give variety to your workout keeping your mind alert and engaged along with your body!

Mat Pilates

It's all about the Core! Learn to use your own body weight as the primary source of resistance developing awareness to help you stabilize and strengthen from the inside out. All exercises focus on originating movement from your core center leaving you feeling lengthened, strengthened and toned. We use a variety of small equipment to help target and intensify your workout.


Do you want to add more cardio to your workout? Jumpboard classes offer a cardio workout without the impact on your knees and joints. This is a high energy, full-body workout incorporating the reformer syllabus. Come climb the mountain with us!

Pilates Circuit Classes

Not your traditional circuit class! This multi-equipment class accommodates more people to add energy and flow to your workouts. The class will be divided into two groups working at multiple stations to use a variety of equipment as Pilates was originally intended. It is for more experienced clientele who want to take more ownership of their workouts and are proficient with the Essential/Intermediate syllabus.


This high paced workout use all the Pilates modalities and equipment in addition to TRX. Each of the three classes per week will consist of a circuit targeting either upper body, lower body or your core center. Come and work hard but work smart in your body!



Pilates & TRX

Integrate your Pilates principles into dynamic movement with the TRX suspension straps. Like Pilates, TRX uses your own body weight against gravity. The suspension straps allow you to work at an angle that is appropriate for your fitness level while developing greater ranges of motion, improving flexibility, coordination, balance and your cardiovascular conditioning.

Get ready to sweat!


Our Yoga: Strength and Flexibility class will focus on the mind-body connection, proper form in postures and gaining a greater range of flexibility. Suitable for all levels of experience. This class will leave you feeling lengthened and relaxed!

We are not currently offering any Yoga classes in our current session.

Rehab Pilates & Myofascial Stretching

This specialty pilates class is designed for anyone who has a chronic injury, is recovering from a recent injury, is in need of adaptations or prefers specialized attention to help them move forward in their Pilates practice. These classes are a mix of Pilates basics, posture exercises, functional movements, and myofascial stretching. These classes are limited to 5 participants to ensure the instructor can assist each individual in reaching their movement goals safely. This class is taught by a licensed physiotherapist.

Class Types


Do you have a chronic injury, need adaptations or are you finding you need specialized attention to help move forward in your Pilates practice. This class is a great transition from privates or a great addition to taking Essential classes as it offers a more individualized workout to meet your specific needs within a group setting. Learn how to work-in and not just work-out! In a class that focuses on core support, improving posture, and correcting muscular imbalances to help you alleviate pain. Therapeutic Pilates can help with all types of injuries, including low back, neck, spinal conditions and scoliosis.


The detail and precision of movement are the core of Pilates. This class will ground you in the essentials of Pilates, focusing on getting the right muscles working in each exercise, while incorporating a balanced body workout and developing true core strength and stability.


Prerequisite Notes

Must have completed 3- private classes/3- group classes Introductory Offer or contacted the studio directly for a consult so we can determine what class will benefit you the most.


This class builds on the essential syllabus while adding more variety to the exercises thus challenging your mind body connection to keep you alert and connected to your movement.


Intermediate exercises combine more choreography and coordination, targeting more than one muscle group at a time, while building strength, agility and endurance. The increased pace and added flow of movements enhances core stamina and overall muscular endurance.